The HERO Summer Zine

The HERO Summer Zine

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Only 1,000 copies available worldwide! 

In a big, exclusive interview Nick Jonas announces his new track and tells us about a new chapter in his life and career from independent movies, to TV,  to blockbusters, to banging summer anthems.

Also includes a Nick Jonas pull-out poster! 

The HERO Summer Zine is a brand new multi-faceted publication, printed on beautiful, tactile, uncoated paper, it's oversized and all held together with a chic black elastic strap. Includes posters and a separate zine inside!

4 x posters: Nick Jonas, plus images by Ari Marcopoulos, Gosha Rubchinskiy and Danielle Levitt.

Also inside

Dries Van Noten hand-selects five fabrics that have a personal significance to him and explains the story behind each one to us, we print each one across a full DPS in all its intricate detail.

16 page edition of the cult zine BOYO by Patrick Waugh, specially made for The HERO Summer Zine.

Eight iconic portraits from Michael Avedon, which include  Plus shoots with summer energy from Winter Vandenbrink, Milan Vukmorivic, Ryan Brabazon. There’s an epic story from Daniel King, documenting the fans of a massive football game between Florida and Georgia, and the first in a series of “Artist nudes” by Chad Pitman, plus some striking portraits by Marco Van Rijt, styled by Paul Sinclaire.

The HERO Summer Zine will ONLY be sold in independent, interesting fashion and art bookshops across the globe, including Colette and Dover Street Market and all those really great stores in each city globally, from Toronto to Detroit, Tokyo to Berlin and also here on the HERO website.

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